Pomade used by NBA star Gordon Hayward

NBA star Gordon Hayward, playing small forward for the Boston Celtics has an iconic hairstyle. If you have been watching NBA matches, you may realize he did a great change in his hair cut since he started playing in NBA.

Gordon Hayward in rookie year vs his make over hairstyle

As you can see, he has done some massive change to his haircut since his rookie year. Some may be amazed how his hairstyle can stay put throughout a NBA match?

Gordon did reveal in interviews that BluMaan is his go-to hair products now, after trying a few dozens of other hair products.

BluMaan was created by two hairstyle enthusiasts, Joe and Ben who could not find the right products for them in the market and came along to create BluMaan offering the best hairstyle products to the community.

BluMaan Monarch is Gordon’s favourite. It is a matte paste that can be easily applied. The hold is medium to high which lasts throughout the day. The main ingredients are shea butter, kaolin and bentonite.

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If you want to try a pomade from BluMaan, they are offering a pomade called Fifth Sample styling mask pomade. This pomade took years to develop with special features like ingredients that promote hair health namely grape seed oil, vitamin B7, panthenol, silk amino acids and keratin. This specialized formulated pomade combat brittle hair, dry hair, dry scalp, dull hair and frizz.

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