Best water-based pomade

So you want to pick a water based pomade, but still having a headache choosing the best one out there?

We ve got you covered. Try out these versatile water based pomades today!

O’douds all natural pomade

O’douds is a personal favourite. I remember trying a dozen of different products before I catch my eye on it. Once you have tried it, You will be amazed. This is what a premium hair product feels like. And you know you deserve it. Typically you will love the high shine. Just apply a scope and can get you covered for the day. The hold is strong. It consists of beeswax, jojoba oil, castor oil, candelilla wax, and shea butter. So apart from styling your hair, your hair will be nourished. 

Get O’douds All Natural Multi Purpose Water Based Pomade 

Imperial barber grade pomade

You will pick this if you are looking for the strongest hold. The hold strength here is 4 i.e. the strongest with imperial. It is easy to apply and you can adjust the hold strength by adding water when you are styling. You will enjoy a low shine hairstyle that last a day. Washing away the product is easy with just water and shampoo.

Get Imperial Barber Grade Products Classic Pomade

Shear Revival Pomade

Having a chance to stumble upon this gem earlier, and I must say this is the best hand made water based pomade. Period. It is made with quality plant-derived ingredients. This gives you a matte finish but the ability to restyle during the day like a traditional oil based pomade.

Get Shear Revival Crystal Lake Water Based Pomade

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